Almost every graph is divergent under the biclique operator

  title={Almost every graph is divergent under the biclique operator},
  author={Marina Groshaus and Andr{\'e} Luiz Pires Guedes and Leandro Montero},
  journal={Discret. Appl. Math.},
On the edge‐biclique graph and the iterated edge‐biclique operator
The sufficient conditions for a graph to be convergent or divergent under the operator $KB_e$ are given and the behavior ofgeon graphs is characterized and some general conjectures on the subject are proposed.
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Clique‐convergence is undecidable for automatic graphs
The clique operator transforms a graph G into its clique graph K ( G ) , which is the intersection graph of all the (maximal) cliques of G . Iterated clique graphs are then defined by K n ( G ) = K (
Quelques problèmes d'algorithmique et combinatoires en théorie des grapphes. (A Few Problems of Algorithm and Complexity in Graph Theory)
  • S. Legay
  • Philosophy, Computer Science
  • 2017
Cette these traite de differents problemes de decisions binaires ou de minimisations lies a la notion of graphe, et cherche, pour chacun of ces problemes, a determiner sa classe de complexite, ou a fournir un algorithme.


On the Iterated Biclique Operator
A forbidden structure characterization of convergent graphs, which yield a polynomial time algorithm to decide if a given graph diverges or converges under the biclique operator.
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This paper proposes an efficient algorithm to mine large maximal biclique subgraphs from undirected graphs using a divide-and-conquer approach and shows that the proposed algorithm outperforms previous work significantly.