Almost Rational Torsion Points on Semistable Elliptic Curves

  title={Almost Rational Torsion Points on Semistable Elliptic Curves},
  author={Frank Calegari},
Let X be an algebraic curve of genus greater than 1. Let J(X) be the Jacobian variety of X, and embed X in J(X). The Manin-Mumford conjecture states that the set of torsion points Xtors := X∩Jtors is finite.This conjecture was first proved in 1983 by M. Raynaud [9]. It has long been known that the geometry ofX imposes strong conditions on the action of Galois on Xtors. An approach to the Manin-Mumford conjecture using Galois representations attached to Jacobians was first suggested by S. Lang… CONTINUE READING


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