Almost Global Problems in the LOCAL Model

  title={Almost Global Problems in the LOCAL Model},
  author={Alkida Balliu and S. Brandt and Dennis Olivetti and Jukka Suomela},
  • Alkida Balliu, S. Brandt, +1 author Jukka Suomela
  • Published in DISC 2018
  • Computer Science
  • The landscape of the distributed time complexity is nowadays well-understood for subpolynomial complexities. When we look at deterministic algorithms in the LOCAL model and locally checkable problems (LCLs) in bounded-degree graphs, the following picture emerges: - There are lots of problems with time complexities of $\Theta(\log^* n)$ or $\Theta(\log n)$. - It is not possible to have a problem with complexity between $\omega(\log^* n)$ and $o(\log n)$. - In general graphs, we can construct… CONTINUE READING
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