Allozyme diversity in the tetraploid endemic Thymus loscosii (Lamiaceae).

  title={Allozyme diversity in the tetraploid endemic Thymus loscosii (Lamiaceae).},
  author={Jordi L{\'o}pez-Pujol and Maria Zelmira Bosch and Joan Sim{\'o}n and C{\'e}sar Blanch{\'e}},
  journal={Annals of botany},
  volume={93 3},
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Thymus loscosii (Lamiaceae) is a tetraploid perennial species endemic to the Ebro river basin (north-eastern Spain), which is included in the National Catalogue of Endangered Species. It is a tetraploid species (2n = 54), presumably an autotetraploid originated by the duplication of a 2n = 28 genome and the subsequent loss of two chromosomes. Allozyme electrophoresis was conducted to survey the levels and distribution of genetic diversity and to test the previous… CONTINUE READING
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