Alloy fluctuations in Si1−xGex crystals

  title={Alloy fluctuations in Si1−xGex crystals},
  author={Gudrun Kocher and Wolfgang Jantsch and Nikolay V. Abrosimov and Sergei A. Egorov and Andrei Georgievich Zabrodskii and Boris A. Andreev and Hermann Georg Grimmeiss},
  • Gudrun Kocher, Wolfgang Jantsch, +4 authors Hermann Georg Grimmeiss
  • Published 2001
  • Physics
  • Abstract We have introduced S donors into SiGe alloys as probe atoms for a spectroscopic investigation of the local environment of these donors. Even for low Ge content ( x =2.4%), we already observe strongly broadened lines for the intra-centre transitions, whereas the onset of the photo-ionisation stays at approximately the same energy, in contrast to expectations from a linear extrapolation of the impurity level from values of the pure compounds or from deformation potentials. We thus… CONTINUE READING

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