Allostery in the LacI/GalR family: variations on a theme.

  title={Allostery in the LacI/GalR family: variations on a theme.},
  author={Liskin Swint-Kruse and Kathleen Shive Matthews},
  journal={Current opinion in microbiology},
  volume={12 2},
The lactose repressor protein (LacI) was among the very first genetic regulatory proteins discovered, and more than 1000 members of the bacterial LacI/GalR family are now identified. LacI has been the prototype for understanding how transcription is controlled using small metabolites to modulate protein association with specific DNA sites. This understanding has been greatly expanded by the study of other LacI/GalR homologues. A general picture emerges in which the conserved fold provides a… CONTINUE READING