Allosteric nicotinic receptors, human pathologies.

  title={Allosteric nicotinic receptors, human pathologies.},
  author={Cl{\'e}ment L{\'e}na and Jean Pierre Changeux},
  journal={Journal of physiology, Paris},
  volume={92 2},
Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors are ligand-gated ion channels present in muscle and brain. These allosteric oligomers may exist in several conformational states which include a resting state, an open-channel state, and a desensitized refractory state. Recent work has shown that point mutations in the nicotinic receptor may, altogether, abolish desensitization, increase apparent affinity for agonists and convert the effect of a competitive antagonist into an agonist response. These pleiotropic… CONTINUE READING


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