Allosteric modulation of adenosine receptors

  title={Allosteric modulation of adenosine receptors},
  author={Anik{\'o} G{\"o}bly{\"o}s and Ad P. Ijzerman},
  journal={Purinergic Signalling},
  pages={51 - 61}
Allosteric modulators for adenosine receptors may have potential therapeutic advantage over orthosteric ligands. Allosteric enhancers at the adenosine A1 receptor have been linked to antiarrhythmic and antilipolytic activity. They may also have therapeutic potential as analgesics and neuroprotective agents. A3 allosteric enhancers are postulated to be useful against ischemic conditions or as antitumor agents. In this review, we address recent developments regarding the medicinal chemistry of… CONTINUE READING