Allometric tree biomass models of various species grown in short-rotation agroforestry systems


Biomass equations for tree species and the early stages of growth used in short-rotation coppices and agroforestry systems are still lacking. Further, discussion about the structure and parameters of biomass equations are still ongoing. Yield estimations should be precise, while keeping efforts low. To determine the influence of tree species, farming system, and tree position (inner and outer row) on allometric relationships, we derived biomass equations for various tree species from organic and conventional silvoarable agroforestry systems with an alley-cropping configuration. The allometric equations were based on the power relationship between aboveground dry biomass and stem base diameter (SBD) as a single variable or in combination with tree height (H) and were calculated by log-linear mixed-effect regression. Equations span the third and fourth growth year of the first rotation and were validated on the fourth year. Neither farming system nor row position influenced allometric relationship, although biometric variables varied between trees from inner and outer rows. A general model across species explained 95% ( $$R_{\text{cond}}^{2}$$ R cond 2 ) of the variation for tree dry weight or 97% ( $$R_{\text{cond}}^{2}$$ R cond 2 ) with H as covariate. Yet, for the sake of precision, species-specific equations were necessary. The best fitting equation with only SBD as predictor had species-specific allometric factors and a general exponent across species. However, predicted yields were biased by 8–31%. Thus, functions incorporating H are recommended, as compensation for variances in height-diameter relationships due to the ontogenetic stage, site differences, or social status of the tree reduced the bias of biomass estimation (<10%).

DOI: 10.1007/s10342-016-1010-7

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