Allochiria vs allesthesia. Is there a misperception?

  title={Allochiria vs allesthesia. Is there a misperception?},
  author={Kimford J. Meador and M E Allen and Robert J. Adams and David W. Loring},
  journal={Archives of neurology},
  volume={48 5},
Allochiria is the mislocation of sensory stimuli to the corresponding opposite half of the body or space. Obersteiner (1882) introduced the term allochiria (Greek allos = other + chiria = hand), and more than 20 authors employed it in this context over the next 25 years. Stewart (1894) described a related phenomenon in which stimuli are displaced to a different point on the same extremity. He noted that the displacements were different than allochiria and coined the term allachaesthesia (ie… CONTINUE READING

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