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Alleviation of Heat Strain by Cooling Different Body Areas during Red Pepper Harvest Work at WBGT 33 ̊C

  title={Alleviation of Heat Strain by Cooling Different Body Areas during Red Pepper Harvest Work at WBGT 33 ̊C},
  author={Jeongwha Choi and M. Kim and J. Lee},
The purpose of the present study was to examine the effects of different types of personal cooling equipments (PCE) on the alleviation of heat strain during red pepper harvest simulated in a climatic chamber. The experiment consisted of eight conditions: 1) Control, 2) Neck cooling scarf A with a cooling area of 68 cm2, 3) Neck cooling scarf B (cooling area 154 cm2), 4) Brimmed hat with a frozen gel pack, 5) Cooling vest (cooling area 606 cm2), 6) Hat+Neck Scarf B, 7) Hat+Vest, and 8) Hat+Neck… Expand
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