Allergy prevalence in adult celiac disease.

  title={Allergy prevalence in adult celiac disease.},
  author={Carolina Ciacci and Raimondo Cavallaro and Paola Iovino and Francesco Sabbatini and Alessandro Scotto di Palumbo and Daniela Amoruso and Raffaella Tortora and Gabriele Mazzacca},
  journal={The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology},
  volume={113 6},
BACKGROUND Celiac disease is considered to arise from an inappropriate T-cell-mediated immune response against ingested gluten in genetically predisposed people, whereas the T(H)2-type lymphocytes are mostly involved in IgE-mediated reactions. The matter of possible coexistence of T(H)1- and T(H)2-type diseases is still debated. OBJECTIVE This study was aimed to evaluate the allergy prevalence in a large series of adults with untreated celiac disease and their families at the moment of… CONTINUE READING