Allergic contact dermatitis in atopic dermatitis.

  title={Allergic contact dermatitis in atopic dermatitis.},
  author={Ryan Lever and Andrew Forsyth},
  journal={Acta dermato-venereologica. Supplementum},
Of 73 adult patients attending a clinic specially provided to treat patients with atopic dermatitis, 31 (42%) showed one or more positive patch reaction on contact testing. There was a striking female preponderance in the patch test positive group (26F:5M) in contrast to those with negative test results (9F:17M). The commonest allergens identified were fragrances in 13 patients, nickel (7), rubber (5), lanolin (4) and formaldehyde (3). In 21 patients, topical preparations, cosmetic or medically… CONTINUE READING
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