Allergic contact dermatitis from 2‐chlorobenzoyl chloride azine

  title={Allergic contact dermatitis from 2‐chlorobenzoyl chloride azine},
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  • D. Pryce
  • Published 1 May 1987
  • Medicine
  • Contact Dermatitis
It may be claimed that the term "contact urt1cana" IS Improperly used smce rifamycm was applied to a leg ulcer rather than normal skm. We defend this diagnosis for 3 reasons. The 1st IS that the contours of the Initial wheal corresponded to the shape of the rifamycm-soaked compress that had been applied not only to the ulcer but also to the surrounding area. The 2nd IS that It took more than 20 mm for the local reaction to spread. And the 3rd IS that open tests on healthy skm gave positive… 
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