Allergens of the cupin superfamily.

  title={Allergens of the cupin superfamily.},
  author={E. N. Clare Mills and John Jenkins and Niusa A Marigheto and Peter S. Belton and A. Patrick Gunning and Victor J. Morris},
  journal={Biochemical Society transactions},
  volume={30 Pt 6},
The cupin family comprises a family of proteins possessing a common beta-barrel structure that is thought to have originated in a prokaryotic ancestor. This structural motif is found as a single domain in fungal spherulins, fern sporulins and the germins/oxalate oxidase proteins of plants, while the globular storage proteins of plants, called legumins (11 S) and euvicilins (7 S), are two-domain cupins. The 11 S globulins are hexameric heteroligomeric proteins of M (r) approximately 360000, with… CONTINUE READING


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