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Aller Simple (One-Way Ticket): Corporate Accountability for Mass Atrocity- A Study of the French National Railroad

  title={Aller Simple (One-Way Ticket): Corporate Accountability for Mass Atrocity- A Study of the French National Railroad},
  author={Sarah Federman},
ALLER SIMPLE (ONE-WAY TICKET): CORPORATE ACCOUNTABILITY FOR MASS ATROCITY-A STUDY OF THE FRENCH NATIONAL RAILROADS Sarah Federman, PhD George Mason University, 2015 Dissertation Chair: Dr. Leslie Dwyer Transitional justice employs a variety of mechanisms, including compensation, apologies, trials, commemoration, and truth seeking, to guide societies through violations and to more inclusively protect the rights of all people. This dissertation argues that including market actors and embracing… 
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Genocide studies considers the accountability various of perpetrators, as well as the needs mass atrocity creates. The inclusion of market actors, however, remains marginalized. This article


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