Allelotyping of pooled DNA with 250 K SNP microarrays

  title={Allelotyping of pooled DNA with 250 K SNP microarrays},
  author={Stefan Wilkening and Bowang Chen and Michael Wirtenberger and Barbara Burwinkel and Asta Foersti and Kari Hemminki and Frederico Canzian},
  journal={BMC Genomics},
  pages={77 - 77}
BACKGROUND Genotyping technologies for whole genome association studies are now available. To perform such studies to an affordable price, pooled DNA can be used. Recent studies have shown that GeneChip Human Mapping 10 K and 50 K arrays are suitable for the estimation of the allele frequency in pooled DNA. In the present study, we tested the accuracy of the 250 K Nsp array, which is part of the 500 K array set representing 500,568 SNPs. Furthermore, we compared different algorithms to estimate… CONTINUE READING

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