Allelotype analysis of hepatocellular carcinoma.

  title={Allelotype analysis of hepatocellular carcinoma.},
  author={Zhe Piao and Chan Soon Park and Jae Hoo Park and H Y Kim},
  journal={International journal of cancer},
  volume={75 1},
To elucidate the genetic events which may play important roles in hepatocarcinogenesis, we examined every non-acrocentric chromosome arm of 22 hepatocellular carcinomas (HCCs) for loss of heterozygosity (LOH) using 68 highly polymorphic microsatellite markers. Thirty-six (92%) of 39 chromosome arms showed LOH in at least one patient, however 3 chromosome arms, 2p, 2q, and 20q, did not show any LOH. High to moderate frequency of LOH (> 30% of informative cases) was observed at chromosomes 1q (68… CONTINUE READING

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