Allelic imbalance at chromosome 1q21 in Wilms tumor.


The Wilms tumor suppressor gene 1, WT1, located on chromosome 11p13 is mutated in only a subset of Wilms tumors. Cytogenetic studies of Wilms tumors show that the most frequent structural anomalies after those affecting chromosome 11p are rearrangements of 1q, suggesting that there is a gene involved in Wilms tumor etiology in this region. The WT1 target sequence +P5 (D1S3309E), isolated using whole-genome polymerase chain reaction (PCR), binds all WT1 isoforms in vitro and has been mapped to 1q21-22. As +P5 may mark a 1q Wilms tumor gene, constitutional and tumor DNA from 33 Wilms tumor patients (36 tumors) was screened for allele imbalance using microsatellite markers from 1p21 to 1q44. Although no gross rearrangements of the +P5 region were found, this study demonstrates allele imbalance for 1q in 12% of patients (5/36 tumors), defining a smallest region of overlap at 1q21. This finding supports a role for 1q21 in Wilms tumorigenesis.


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