Allelic deletion on chromosome 17p13.3 in early ovarian cancer.

  title={Allelic deletion on chromosome 17p13.3 in early ovarian cancer.},
  author={Nancy J. Phillips and Michelle R. Ziegler and Dr. Martha J. Radford and Keri L. Fair and Todd Steinbrueck and Francisco P. Xynos and Hellen Donis-Keller},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={56 3},
Multiple chromosome 17 loci may be involved in ovarian carcinogenesis. Fifty-seven sporadic ovarian epithelial tumors were examined for loss of heterozygosity at 15 loci on chromosomes 17p. Eighty % (39 of 49) of informative tumors had allelic loss in 17p13.3 at D17S30, D17S28, or both loci within this region, including 3 of 7 tumors of low malignant potential and 4 of 5 nonmetastatic carcinomas. The smallest region of overlapping deletions extends from D17S28 to D17S30, a distance of 15 kb… CONTINUE READING


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