Allele-specific demethylation at an imprinted mammalian promoter

  title={Allele-specific demethylation at an imprinted mammalian promoter},
  author={A. Joseph Wood and D{\'e}borah Bourc’his and Timothy H Bestor and Rebecca J. Oakey},
  booktitle={Nucleic acids research},
A screen for imprinted genes on mouse Chromosome 7 recently identified Inpp5f_v2, a paternally expressed retrogene lying within an intron of Inpp5f. Here, we identify a novel paternally expressed variant of the Inpp5f gene (Inpp5f_v3) that shows a number of unusual features. Inpp5f_v3 initiates from a CpG-rich repeat region adjoining two B1 elements, despite previous reports that SINEs are generally excluded from imprinted promoters. Accordingly, we find that the Inpp5f_v3 promoter acquires… CONTINUE READING


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