All-optical signal Processing and applications within the esprit project DO/spl

  title={All-optical signal Processing and applications within the esprit project DO/spl},
  author={T. Houbavlis and K. Zoiros and M. Kalyvas and George Theophilopoulos and Chris Bintjas and Konstantinos Yiannopoulos and Nikos Pleros and Kostas Vlachos and Hercules Avramopoulos and Laurent Schares and L. Occhi and G. Guekos and J. R. Taylor and Simone Hansmann and W. Miller},
  journal={Journal of Lightwave Technology},
This paper reviews the work performed under the European ESPRIT project DO/spl (Digital OpticAL Logic modules) spanning from advanced devices (semiconductor optical amplifiers) to all-optical modules (laser sources and gates) and from optical signal processing subsystems (packet clock recovery, optical write/store memory, and linear feedback shift register) to their integration in the application level for the demonstration of nontrivial logic functionality (all-optical bit-error-rate… CONTINUE READING
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