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All-optical logic gates using semiconductor optical amplifier based devices and their applications

  title={All-optical logic gates using semiconductor optical amplifier based devices and their applications},
  author={변영태 and 김재헌 and 박민철 and 전영민 and 김선호 and 우덕하 and 김영일 and 이석},
  journal={Journal of the Korean Physical Society},
By using two main e?ects of cross-gain modulation and cross-phase modulation in semiconductor optical ampli?er-based devices, many logic functions of logic AND, OR, XOR, NOR and XNOR are successfully demonstrated. Also, complex systems including all-optical half and full adders in a combination of m... 

All-optical Digital Logic Gates using Bistable Semiconductor Ring Lasers

This paper demonstrates all-optical digital logic gates using bistable monolithic semiconductor ring lasers (SRLs). With the flexible multi-functional experimental setup, we have experimentally

Optical logic gates based on semiconductor optical amplifier Mach–Zehnder interferometer: design and simulation

This work includes the study of the effect of the number of bits on the received power, minimum bit error rate, and maximum Q-factor in all-optical logic gates.

Design and performance analysis of all-optical cascaded adder using SOA-based MZI

With the performance enhancements in all-optical signal processing and switching schemes in terms of data rate and processing speed, various devices enabled with all-optical operation are becoming

2 Gb/s all-optical D/A converter

This device is based on gain saturation in SOA and converts electrical serial-digital inputs to optical parallel-digits and subsequently to analog-optical output.

Simulation of NOT, AND, OR and NOR Optical Gates Using Wideband Travelling Wave Semiconductor Optical Amplifier

All optical gates have received helpful applications in the recent past. This is due to its high demand in Optical communication networks in this age of Information Technology (IT). They have

Design of silicon-based two-dimensional photonic integrated circuits: XOR gate

In this work the authors investigate the design of an XOR gate based on two-dimensionalsilicon photonic crystals. The XOR gate is formed by two dual-ring resonators placed between two waveguides;

Design of Various All-Optical Code Converters using SOA-MZI

This paper proposes various all-optical code converters using co-propagating Semiconductor Optical Amplifier assisted Mach-Zehnder Interferometer (SOA-MZI) configuration with Cross-Phase Modulation (XPM) technique to ensure polarization insensitivity of the incoming signal.


For the future computation optical technologies will be the next generation of communication system because of its very high speed. Gates are the key elements which are used to realize all-optical

All-optical NOR and XNOR logic gates at 2 Tb/s based on two-photon absorption in quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifiers

Two-photon absorption (TPA) is a nonlinear absorption process in semiconductors, creating a fast phase change in a low-intensity probe beam. Placing quantum-dots (QDs), on the other hand, in the



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