All-optical control of light on a silicon chip

  title={All-optical control of light on a silicon chip},
  author={Vilson R. Almeida and Carlos Angulo Barrios and Roberto R. Panepucci and Michal Lipson},
Photonic circuits, in which beams of light redirect the flow of other beams of light, are a long-standing goal for developing highly integrated optical communication components. Furthermore, it is highly desirable to use silicon—the dominant material in the microelectronic industry—as the platform for such circuits. Photonic structures that bend, split, couple and filter light have recently been demonstrated in silicon, but the flow of light in these structures is predetermined and cannot be… 
All-Optical Modulation in a Silicon Waveguide Based on a Single-Photon Process
All-optical, low-power modulation is a major goal in photonics. Because of their high mode-field concentration and ease of manufacturing, nanoscale silicon waveguides offer an intriguing platform for
Ultrafast, CMOS compatible, integrated all optical switching
The most promising technology expected to alleviate the intra-chip and chip-to-chip interconnection bottleneck is silicon photonics, in which electronics and photonics can be integrated
On-chip passive three-port circuit of all-optical ordered-route transmission
This paper proposes and experimentally demonstrate a three-port passive device supporting optical ordered-route transmission based on silicon thermo-optic effect for the first time and is competitive to be applied in on-chip all-optical information processing systems, such as path priority selector.
All-optical spatial light modulator for reconfigurable silicon photonic circuits
All-optical wavefront shaping in integrated silicon-on-insulator photonic devices is demonstrated by modifying the spatial refractive index profile of the device employing ultraviolet pulsed laser excitation, granting full control over the optical transfer function of telecommunication-wavelength light traveling through the device, thus allowing it to redefine its functionalities.
40 GHz nonlinear all optical switching in a Mach-Zehnder interferometer integrated device
Summary form only given. Silicon photonics is a well established platform for the development of fully integrated optical devices for optical communication systems. In particular, the strong modal
Four-Wave Mixing in Silicon Nanowire Waveguides and Its Applications in Wavelength Conversion
In recent years, silicon photonics has been considered as a new promising technology platform for low-cost optical communications and interconnects. Silicon photonic devices can be fabricated using
All-Optical Gate: Silicon-on-Insulator Waveguide, Ring Resonator, and All-Optical Modulation
The outlook on Optical Interconnects replacing Metal Interconnects on ICs is promising. However some devices must be realized before implementing schemes of photonic circuits and systems. In this
Linear and passive silicon optical isolator
Both numerical simulations and experimental measurements show that the round-trip transmissivity of in-plane infrared light across a silicon photonic crystal slab heterojunction diode could be two orders of magnitudes smaller than the forwardTransmissivity at around 1,550 nm with a bandwidth of about 50’�nm, indicating good performance of optical isolation.
Breaking the delay-bandwidth limit in a photonic structure
Storing light on-chip, which requires that the speed of light be significantly slowed down, is crucial for enabling photonic circuits on-chip. Ultraslow propagation1,2,3 and even stopping4,5 of light
All-optical modulation in a CMOS-compatible amorphous silicon-based device
Active silicon photonic devices, which dynamically control the flow of light, have received significant attention for their use in on-chip optical networks. High-speed active silicon photonic


A high-speed silicon optical modulator based on a metal–oxide–semiconductor capacitor
An approach based on a metal–oxide–semiconductor (MOS) capacitor structure embedded in a silicon waveguide that can produce high-speed optical phase modulation is described and an all-silicon optical modulator with a modulation bandwidth exceeding 1 GHz is demonstrated.
Low-power-consumption short-length and high-modulation-depth silicon electrooptic modulator
We propose and analyze a novel compact electrooptic modulator on a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) rib waveguide. The device confines both optical field and charge carriers in a micron-size region. The
Ultrafast all-optical switching in a silicon-based photonic crystal
We study the effect of two-photon absorption and Kerr nonlinearity on the optical properties of a one-dimensional photonic crystal made with amorphous silicon and SiO2. A stop band appearing near 1.5
Optical MEMS devices for telecom systems
This work has designed, fabricated and tested optical MEMS devices at the core of Optical Cross Connects, WDM spectrum equalizers and Optical Add-Drop multiplexors based on different fabrication technologies such as polySi surface micromachining, single crystal SOI and combination of both.
Scaling down photonic waveguide devices on the SOI platform
The challenges encountered when scaling down photonic waveguide devices are discussed, and possible solutions in silicon-on-insulator (SOI) platform are demonstrated, and sources of waveguide birefringence such as waveguide geometry and stress in the waveguiding layer are discussed.
All-optical ultrafast tuning of two-dimensional silicon photonic crystals via free-carrier injection
Summary form only given. Photonic crystals are emerging as a potential disruptive technology for the coming decade. The functionality of photonic crystals could be dramatically enhanced by providing
Nonlinear photonic crystal microdevices for optical integration.
A four-port nonlinear photonic crystal system is discussed that exhibits optical bistability with negligible backscattering to the inputs, making it particularly suitable for integration with other
Design and fabrication of silicon photonic crystal optical waveguides
We have designed and fabricated waveguides that incorporate two-dimensional (2-D) photonic crystal geometry for lateral confinement of light, and total internal reflection for vertical confinement.
All-optical nonlinear switching in GaAs-AlGaAs microring resonators
In this paper, we demonstrate all-optical nonlinear switching in compact GaAs-AlGaAs microring resonators at the 1.55-/spl mu/m wavelength. Switching is accomplished in the pump-and-probe