All idempotent hypersubstitutions of type (2,2)

  title={All idempotent hypersubstitutions of type (2,2)},
  author={Tawat Cangpas and Klaus Denecke},
  journal={Semigroup Forum},
AbstractA hypersubstitution of type (2,2) is a map σ which takes the binary operation symbols f and g to binary terms σ(f) and σ(g). Any such σ can be inductively extended to a map $\hat{\sigma}$ on the set of all terms of type (2,2). By using this extension on the set Hyp(2,2) of all hypersubstitutions of type (2,2) a binary operation can be defined. Together with the identity hypersubstitution mapping f to f(x1,x2) and g to g(x1,x2) the set Hyp(2,2) forms a monoid. This monoid is isomorphic… CONTINUE READING


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