All aboard the biotech express

  title={All aboard the biotech express},
  author={Sheldon Krimsky},
This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the discovery of recombinant DNA technology, or gene splicing. Various symposia and publications have paid tribute to the pioneers of genetic engineering and the new industrial developments it has spawned. The largely publicly funded field of molecular biology has provided tools, knowledge and product ideas that have attracted substantial investments from the world’s pharmaceutical, diagnostics and agricultural sectors. Designer drugs, genetic… 
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Electron Field Emission of Silicon-Doped Diamond-Like Carbon Thin Films
In this work we demonstrate that the field emission characteristics of disordered Si-doped diamond-like carbon (DLC) thin films depend not only on properties of the conductive clustered sp2 phase and
Fasting-induced changes of neuropeptide immunoreactivity in the lateral septum of male rats.
Results indicate that reduced food intake affects the expression of NPY, Gal and Leu-enk not only in the relevant hypothalamic neuroendocrine centres, but also in the lateral septal area.