All Silicon Micro-GC Column Temperature Programming Using Axial Heating


In this work we present a high performance micro gas chromatograph column with a novel two dimensional axial heating technique for faster and more precise temperature programming, resulting in an improved separation performance. Three different axial resistive heater designs were simulated theoretically on a 3.0 m × 300 μm × 50 μm column for the highest temperature gradient on a 22 by 22 μm column. The best design was then micro-fabricated and evaluated experimentally. The simulation results showed that simultaneous temperature gradients in time and distance along the column are possible by geometric optimization of the heater when using forced convection. The gradients along the column continuously refocused eluting bands, offsetting part of the chromatographic band spreading. The utility of this method was further investigated for a test mixture of three hydrocarbons (hexane, octane, and decane).

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