All Aboard the Nilgiri Express!—Sustained Links between Anthropology and a Single Indian District

  title={All Aboard the Nilgiri Express!—Sustained Links between Anthropology and a Single Indian District},
  author={P. R. Hockings},
  journal={History and Anthropology},
  pages={1 - 16}
  • P. Hockings
  • Published 1 March 2008
  • Sociology
  • History and Anthropology
From the earliest days of colonial ethnography, in the 1830s, the Nilgiris District of Southern India has received detailed attention from dozens of amateur and professional anthropologists, in all sections of the discipline, including archaeology and linguistics. The complex mix of tribal groups, the exotic nature of Toda society, and especially W.H.R. Rivers’s classis book The Todas (1906) have kept this one district under constant examination from 1832 until the present. 

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