Alkaloids of Merendera iolantae

  title={Alkaloids of Merendera iolantae},
  author={K. M. Zuparova and B. Ch. Chommadov and Muzaffar Yusupov and Alexander Sadykov},
  journal={Chemistry of Natural Compounds},
The alkaloids ofMerendera iolantae E. Czerniak have been studied for the first time. The total alkaloids consist of tropolone compounds and bases without a tropolone ring. From this plant we isolated the known alkaloids colchicine, colchamine, β-lumicolchicine, colchameine, and 2-demethylcolchiceine, and four new, nontropolone, bases — MI-1 (iolantamine), MI-2, MI-3, and MI-4. The presence of colchiceine, 3-demethylcolchamine, and two unknown bases with R f 0.49 and 0.53 was shown by… CONTINUE READING


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