Alkaloids from Papaver armeniacum, P. fugax and P. tauricola.

  title={Alkaloids from Papaver armeniacum, P. fugax and P. tauricola.},
  author={J. David Phillipson and O. O. Thomas and Alexander Irvine Gray and G{\"u}nay Sariyar},
  journal={Planta medica},
  volume={41 2},
Species from the section Miltantha are reviewed in the context of their contained alkaloids. Thebaine was isolated as the major alkaloid from a sample of P. fugax together with narcotine, pronuciferine, alpinigenine, O-ethylalpinigenine, amurensinine, N-methyl-crotonosine, armepavine, isocorydine and salutaridine as minor alkaloids. A second sample of P. fugax contained glaucamine and glaudine as major alkaloids with rhoeadine, oreogenine, oreodine and O-ethyl-glaucamine as minor alkaloids… 
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A new Dehydroaporphine Alkaloid from Papaver Fugax
A new dehydroaporphine alkaloid (−)-6a,7-dehydrofloripavidine has been isolated from the aerial parts of Papaver fugax Poir and the presence of argentinine has be shown for the first time in the Papaveraceae.
Chapter 4 Aporphine Alkaloids
Chemotaxonomic review of the genus Papaver
An overall phytochemical evaluation with conclusions for the systematics based on the isolation and identification of alkaloids present in a ll species, which are chemotaxonomically significant and specific for the section of the genus Papaver L.
Alkaloids of Papaver fugax
Seven alkaloids have been isolated in Papaver fugax, of which cheilanthifoline, scoulerine, and reticuline have been detected in this species for the first time, while d-remeroline has been found in a plant of the Papaver genus.
Search for new natural sources of morphinans
The search for an efficient alternative medicine or a source for codeine other than opium poppy other than heroin is discussed with regards to the natural occurrence of morphinan derivatives and the biosynthetic pathways in available plants.