Alkaloids, plants, structure, properties

  title={Alkaloids, plants, structure, properties},
  author={R. N. Shakirov and M. V. Telezhenetskaya and Iraida Bessonova and Salimakhon Aripova and I. A. Israilov and Mukhlis N. Sultankhodzhaev and Valentina I. Vinogradova and V. I. Akhmedzhanova and Timur Tulyaganov and Bakhodir T. Salimov and V. A. Tel'nov},
  journal={Chemistry of Natural Compounds},
Chapter 2 of this review, which begins in this issue and ends in issue No. 6 of this volume, contains information on 1294 alkaloids arranged in alphabetical order t with details of their producing plants and of the structure, composition, and melting points of the alkaloids and their derivatives, specific rotations, solubilities, spectral characteristics (UV, IR, PMR, 13C NMR, etc.), information on pharmacology, and references to original papers and to unpublished investigations. UV spectra… CONTINUE READING