Alkaloid Uptake Increases Fitness in a Hemiparasitic Plant via Reduced Herbivory and Increased Pollination.

  title={Alkaloid Uptake Increases Fitness in a Hemiparasitic Plant via Reduced Herbivory and Increased Pollination.},
  author={Lynn S Adler},
  journal={The American naturalist},
  volume={156 1},
It has been historically difficult to manipulate secondary compounds in living plants to assess how these compounds influence plant-herbivore and plant-pollinator interactions. Using a hemiparasitic plant that takes up secondary compounds from host plants, I experimentally manipulated secondary compounds in planta and assessed their effects on herbivores and pollinators in the field. Here, I show that the uptake of alkaloids in the annual hemiparasite Castilleja indivisa resulted in decreased… CONTINUE READING

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