Alkalinity production in intertidal sands intensified by lugworm bioirrigation

  title={Alkalinity production in intertidal sands intensified by lugworm bioirrigation},
  author={Alexandra M. F. Rao and Sairah Y. Malkin and Francesc Montserrat and Filip J R Meysman},
  booktitle={Estuarine, coastal and shelf science},
Porewater profiles and sediment-water fluxes of oxygen, nutrients, pH, calcium, alkalinity, and sulfide were measured in intertidal sandflat sediments from the Oosterschelde mesotidal lagoon (The Netherlands). The influence of bioturbation and bioirrigation by the deep-burrowing polychaete Arenicola marina on the rates and sources of benthic alkalinity generation was examined by comparing measurements in intact and defaunated sediment cores before and after the addition of A. marina in summer… CONTINUE READING