Alkaline phosphatase in adaptation to low dietary phosphate intake.

  title={Alkaline phosphatase in adaptation to low dietary phosphate intake.},
  author={Stephen A. Kempson and Jason Kim and Thomas E. Northrup and Franklyn G. Knox and Thomas P. Dousa},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={237 5},
Previous findings suggest that alkaline phosphatase (Alk Pase) may be involved in phosphate transport. Since phosphate reabsorption is enhanced in the kidney and duodenum of animals stabilized on a low-phosphorus diet (LPD), Alk Pase was measured in the kidney, small intestine, and other tissues in LPD rats. In particulate fractions from the renal cortex, intestine, renal medulla, liver, and heart ventricle from LPD rats the activity of Alk Pase was significantly increased but the activities of… CONTINUE READING