Alkaline Quinone Flow Battery with Long Lifetime at pH 12

  title={Alkaline Quinone Flow Battery with Long Lifetime at pH 12},
  author={David G. Kwabi and Kaixiang Lin and Yunlong Ji and Emily F. Kerr and Marc-Antoni Goulet and Diana De and Porcellinis and Daniel P Tabor and Daniel Pollack and Al{\'a}n Aspuru-Guzik and Roy G. Gordon and Michael J Aziz},
This work demonstrates a new, organic redox-flow battery (RFB) that outlives its predecessors, offering the longest-lived high-performance organic flow battery to date. It appears to be the first aqueous-soluble organic RFB chemistry to meet all the technical criteria for commercialization. The potential low reactant and membrane costs of this chemistry offer the potential for RFBs of this type to be used cost effectively at the gigawatt scale in order to enable massive penetration of… CONTINUE READING


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Marshak, "Alkaline Quinone Flow Battery

  • M. J. Aziz, M.P
  • Science 349,
  • 2015

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