Alkali-activated fly ashes: A cement for the future

  title={Alkali-activated fly ashes: A cement for the future},
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"Alkaline Activation" as a procedure for the transformation of fly ashes into cementitious materials. Part IV. Other applications
In general terms it is widely acknowledged that the alkali activation of fly ashes can produce a material with similar cementing features than those of Ordinary Portland Cement. Actually, the alkali
Synthesis and characterisation of a binder cement replacement based on alkali activation of fly ash waste
CO 2 optimized cement based on synthetic slag made of fly ash
Alkali-activated materials harden under the reaction of an alkaline source and a raw material reactive in such way. Different raw materials are suitable for the reaction. The use of secondary raw
Stabilization of Industrial by-Products Using Alkali Activation
With increase in the growth of industrialization, proper disposal of wastes is one of the major issues nowadays that has to be handled with seriously Research has sprung to full pace in recent years
New perspectives for coal - ash utilisation: synthesis of geopolymeric materials
The present paper described and interprets experimental data on the synthesis and properties of fly ash-derived geopolymers, as an alternative use for coal-fly ash. In this study, Class F fly ash,


Determination of Kinetic Equations of Alkaline Activation of Blast Furnace Slag by Means of Calorimetric Data
The alkaline activation of blast furnace slag promotes the formation of new cement materials. These materials have many advantages over ordinary Portland cement, including high strength, low
Alkaline Activation of Metakaolin An Isothermal Conduction Calorimetry Study
The alkaline activation of metakaolin leads to high mechanical performance inorganic polymers.A JAF conduction calorimeter was used to follow the reaction of metakaolin with NaOH solutions. The
Chemically-bonded cementitious materials based on metakaolin
Cementing materials based on metakaolin have been investigated. Parameters studied include the physical, chemical and mineralogical nature of the reactants, their mixing ratio, order of addition of
Cementos de escorias activadas alcalinamente: Situación actual y perspectivas de futuro
The paper presents the state of the art in cements and concretes with alkaline-activated slag. Characteristics and properties of these materials are given. Special emphasis is made on those
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