Aliis exterendum, or, the Origins of the Statistical Society of London

  title={Aliis exterendum, or, the Origins of the Statistical Society of London},
  author={Victor L. Hilts},
  pages={21 - 43}
  • V. Hilts
  • Published 1 March 1978
  • Economics
  • Isis
A PERENNIAL PROBLEM of social scientists has been the need to distinguish between two sorts of inferences: those which are motivated by scientific considerations and those which are motivated by the political or social leanings of the scientist himself. While it may be true that all scientists work within given conceptual frameworks, the social scientist is uniquely vulnerable to charges that his theory lacks objectivity on the grounds of personal bias. Even when he has been scrupulous in his… 
From Quetelet to Maxwell: Social Statistics and the Origins of Statistical Physics
The peregrinations of statistics constitute one of the weightiest and most unpredictable chapters in the history of the transmission of ideas between the natural and social sciences. Mathematical
The Origins of British ‘Social Science’: Political Economy, Natural Science and Statistics, 1830–1835
The history of ‘sociology’ as it has been written in the last generation is largely a history of fictions. It is characterized by the various mythologies that Skinner isolated in 1969 in his attempt
Speaking Precision to Power: The Modern Political Role of Social Science
the flow of public money to research and an expectation that politicians will generally not meddle with the scientific work on condition that the science, reciprocally, should stay clear of politics.
Statistics, Social Science, and Social Justice: The Zemstvo Statisticians of Pre-Revolutionary Russia
Ever since the eighteenth century, the ideals of the Enlightenment inspired educated people the world over to believe not only that human beings could by their own efforts discover the universal laws
The Mathematics of Society: Variation and Error in Quetelet's Statistics
  • T. Porter
  • Physics
    The British Journal for the History of Science
  • 1985
“Let us apply to the political and moral sciences the method founded upon observation and upon calculus, the method which has served us so well in the natural sciences.” The social sciences have
Gladstone and the Bank of England: A Study in Mid-Victorian Finance, 1833-1866
The topic of this thesis is the confrontations between William Gladstone and the Bank of England. These confrontations have remained a mystery to authors who noted them, but have generally been
Virtue, Fortune, and Faith: A Genealogy of Finance
International finance is often understood to be a rational practice, taking place within an autonomous, coherent and clearly bounded structure. This thesis questions the naturalness implied by such
Victorians and Numbers: Statistics and Social Science in Nineteenth-Century Britain
  • L. Goldman
  • History
    The History of Sociology in Britain
  • 2019
This examination of the ‘statistical movement’ in Victorian Britain argues that it failed to achieve the objective of its academic founders in the 1830s, a numerical science of society. As political
Statistical Society of London - Royal Statistical Society The first 100 years: 1834-1934
SUMMARY The Royal Statistical Society's first 100 years (1834-1934) are reviewed, mainly with quotations from its Journal. The development of its aims, its views on the subject matter and its use (or
A Nineteenth-Century Statistical Society that Abandoned Statistics
In 1857, a Statistical Society was founded in the Netherlands. Within this society, statistics was considered a systematic, quantitative, and qualitative description of society. In the course of


The Scope and Method of Political Economy
The elder Keynes argues that almost every problem connected with the scope and method of political economy has given rise to conflict of opinion. The resulting controversies have sometimes been
90For a discussion of William Farr's methodology with respect to his most famous achievement see John M. Eyler
  • Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences
  • 1973