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Alignment-tolerant taper design for transfer printed III-V-on-Si devices

  title={Alignment-tolerant taper design for transfer printed III-V-on-Si devices},
  author={Bahawal Haq and Gunther Roelkens},
In this paper, we present the design of a 1.0 m misalignment-tolerant taper for the evanescent coupling of light in a III-V-on-silicon opto-electronic device realized on an SOI waveguide platform with 400 nm thick Si device layer. The designed taper is also fabrication tolerant and is suitable for the transfer-printing-based integration of pre-processed III-V devices on Si photonics waveguide circuits. The design procedure is flexible and can take into account the limitations in critical… 

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Roelkens. Transferprinting-based integration of a iii-v-on-silicon distributed feedback laser

  • Opt. Express,
  • 2018