Alignment of the Pixel and SCT Modules for the 2004 ATLAS Combined Test Beam

  title={Alignment of the Pixel and SCT Modules for the 2004 ATLAS Combined Test Beam},
  author={Ashfaq Ahmad and A. M. Pereira Andreazza and Terry Douglas Atkinson and Nikos Konstantinidis and Beniamino Di Girolamo and Roberto Beccherle and Patrick J. Bell and Jos{\'e} Vidal Bernabeu and Z. Broklova and Pawel Bruckman de Renstrom and D. Cauz and L. . Compositeur Chevalier and Sofia Chouridou and Mauro Citterio and Allan G Clark and Max Fredrik Isacson and T. R. Cornelissen and Solenne Correard and Maria Jos{\'e} Da Costa and Dario Costanzo and Stefano Cuneo and Maddalena Dameri and Giovanni Darbo and Jean Baptiste de Vivie and Daniel Dobos and Z. Drasal and Jg Drohan and Kenneth Einsweiler and Matthew Elsing and D. P. Emelyanov and C. Vivianne Anido Escobar and Katrine Facius and Ph. Ferrari and Diana Fergusson and Didier Ferrere and Tobias Flick and Daniel Froidevaux and Gianluca Gagliardi and Mairon Gallas and B. J. Gallop and Kock Kiam Gan and Christina Garcia and I. L. Gavrilenko and Claudia Gemme and Philipp Gerlach and Tobias Golling and Sergio Gonzalez-Sevilla and Michelle Goodrick and Grant Gorfine and Tobias G{\"o}ttfert and T. Haas and Peter H.F. Hansen and Keiryo Hara and Ralf Hartel and Adam Harvey and Scott William Lindsay and F.E.W. Heinemann and Therese Henns and Jeremy Colin Hill and Fabian Georg H{\"u}gging and Eelco Jansen and Jickson Joseph and Muge Karagoz Unel and Mitumasa Kataoka and Sebastian Kersten and Andrey A. Khomich and Roger Klingenberg and Peter Kodys and Telly Koffas and Nikolaos P. Konstantinidis and Vadim Kostyukhin and Carlos L{\'o}pez Lacasta and Tommaso Lari and Salvador Ortiz Latorre and Charles Gilbert Lester and Wolfgang Liebig and Anna Lipniacka and K. F. Lourerio and Mariane Mangin-Brinet and S. Marti i Garcia and Markus Mathes and Cristiano Meroni and Bettina Mikulec and B. Mindur and Saundria Moed and Gareth Moorhead and R. Murillo Garcia and E. J. W. Moyse and Kotaro Nakamura and P Yu Nechaeva and Konstantin Olegovich Nikolaev and Franco A. Parodi and S. S. Parzhitski and Joleen Pater and Raffaella Petti and Peter William Phillips and Brian Pinto and Aaron Poppleton and Kylie Reeves and Ingrid Reisinger and Pavel Řezn{\'i}{\vc}ek and Pablo Risso and David Wayne Robinson and Shaun Anthony Roe and Alexandre Rozanov and Andreas Salzburger and Heidi Sandaker and Luciana Santi and Carlo Schiavi and Morgan Lethuillier and Joachim Schultes and L Sexton Kennedy and Corrinne Shaw and Fredrik Tegenfeldt and C. Timmermans and B. Toczek and C. Kourkoumelis and J. R. Carter and F. Vernocchi and Joseph Salvatore Virzi and Tuan Vu Anh and Mercedes Warren and Jens Weber and Michael Weber and Ar R. Weidberg and Jens Weingarten and Patrick Sean Wells and A. Zhelezko},
A small set of final prototypes of the ATLAS Inner Detector silicon tracking system (Pixel Detector and SemiConductor Tracker), were used to take data during the 2004 Combined Test Beam. Data were collected from runs with beams of different flavour (electrons, pions, muons and photons) with a momentum range of 2 to 180 GeV/c. Four independent methods were used to align the silicon modules. The corrections obtained were validated using the known momenta of the beam particles and were shown to… CONTINUE READING

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