Alignment of carbon nanotubes in nematic liquid crystals.


The self-organizing properties of nematic liquid crystals can be used to align carbon nanotubes dispersed in them. Because the nanotubes are so much thinner than the elastic penetration length, the alignment is caused by the coupling of the unperturbed director field to the anisotropic interfacial tension of the nanotubes in the nematic host fluid. In order… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/jp712173n


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@article{Schoot2008AlignmentOC, title={Alignment of carbon nanotubes in nematic liquid crystals.}, author={Paul van der Schoot and Vlad Popa-Nita and Samo Kralj}, journal={The journal of physical chemistry. B}, year={2008}, volume={112 15}, pages={4512-8} }