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Alignment of Sexuality Education with Self Determination for People with Significant Disabilities: A Review of Research and Future Directions

  title={Alignment of Sexuality Education with Self Determination for People with Significant Disabilities: A Review of Research and Future Directions},
  author={Jason C. Travers and Matt Tincani and Peggy J. Schaefer Whitby and E Amanda Boutot},
  journal={Education and training in autism and developmental disabilities},
Abstract: Sexual development is a complex but vital part of the human experience. People with significant disabilities are not excluded from this principle, but often may be prevented from receiving high-quality and comprehensive instruction necessary for a healthy sexual life. The functional model of self-determination emphasizes increasing knowledge, access to environments, and positive self-perceptions and may be an effective framework for the delivery of sexuality education to people with… 
Sexual Health Education for Individuals with Disabilities: A Call to Action
ABSTRACT Expressing sexuality is part of the human experience, yet sexual health is often ignored in regard to persons with disabilities. Individuals with disabilities are at risk of sexual abuse and
Attitudes towards sexuality and related caregiver support of people with intellectual disabilities: A systematic review on the perspectives of people with intellectual disabilities.
Attitudes regarding sexuality of people with intellectual disabilities are heterogeneous and people with Intellectual disabilities seem to be able to express their sexual desires, needs and attitudes.
Sexual knowledge in adolescents with intellectual disabilities: A timely reflection
At its core, sexuality education for adolescents with intellectual disabilities (ID) is an international human rights issue. Adolescents with ID have the same sexual desires and needs as others, yet
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Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have historically not had access to sexual education curriculums. Furthermore, while parents are often hesitant to provide instruction
Unprepared: An Appeal for Sex Education Training for Support Workers of Adults with Developmental Disabilities
This qualitative study involved presenting a series of open-ended questions to individuals currently or previously employed as support workers regarding the sexuality of adults with DDs, and the policies relating to such issues in the institutions in which they work.
Innovation and Integration of Sexuality in Family Life Education.
It is argued that educating about sexuality in the context of FLE will strategically advance sexuality education, sexual health, and the field of FLET, and recommendations for incorporating lifespan, socio-ecological, family systems and intersectionality into sexuality education are offered.
Review of Curricular Features of Socio-sexuality Curricula for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
The need for socio-sexuality education for individuals with developmental disabilities (DD) is widely acknowledged. However, there are relatively few socio-sexuality education curricula developed for
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ABSTRACT An important goal of any sexuality education program is to support youth and young adults to develop a positive self-image and develop competence and confidence in skills needed to express
Ethical Considerations in Providing Sexuality Education to People With Autism Spectrum Disorder
Sexuality education is a sensitive topic as the norms surrounding sexuality education differ across cultures. It is even more sensitive when providing education to people with disabilities as society
Review of Sociosexuality Curricular Content for Individuals With Developmental Disabilities
Human sexuality encompasses aspects of physiology and emotions. The need for sociosexuality education for individuals with developmental disabilities (DD) is widely acknowledged; yet, there is little


Sexuality Education for Adults with Developmental Disabilities.
A sexuality education program with a newly developed curriculum was provided to 12 adults with developmental disabilities (DD) to examine whether their sexual awareness and knowledge could be
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Individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability (ID/DD) may not have had the experiences to develop social skills for long term relationships. While society has denied the sexuality of
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Individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) present unique needs regarding sexuality educa- tion. While the topic of sexuality has received increased attention in the fields of intellectual and
A Review of Sexuality Education Curricula: Meeting the Sexuality Education Needs of Individuals with Moderate and Severe Intellectual Disabilities
The importance of sexuality education for students with moderate and severe disabilities has received increasing attention as these people have moved into community settings and as the idea of their
College student attitudes concerning the sexuality of persons with mental retardation: Development of the perceptions of sexuality scale
As persons with mental retardation become increasingly integrated into community settings, their right to sexual expression is an ever more important focus of education and habilitation. The
A Psychoeducational Group for Men with Intellectual Disabilities Who Have Sex with Men
The sexuality and sexual behaviour of people with intellectual disabilities (IDs) is one of the most complex and unresolved issues faced by service providers. Despite much evidence suggesting the
Perception of Sex Education for Individuals with Developmental and Cognitive Disability: A Four Cohort Study
Individuals with developmental disabilities/cognitive disabilities (DD/CD) may lack experience and skills necessary to build relationships and define their sexuality boundaries. This lack of
Caregiver Perceptions and Implications for Sex Education for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Caregivers are important to the educational experiences of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Sexuality is an area of concern for many caregivers and parents. This study
Sexuality and Societal Beliefs regarding Persons Living with Disabilities
To be human is to be sexual (Winder, 1983). When the word sexuality is mentioned, a person having a physical disability or a profound disfigurement is not at the forefront of the conversation. If not
Program evaluation of a sex education curriculum for women with mental retardation.
The effectiveness of a sexual education and health promotion program for 252 women with mental retardation was analyzed using an evaluation model. We used confirmatory factor analysis (LISREL) to