Alice Paul

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Alice Paul was one of the foremost advocates for woman at the end of the Progressive Era, working successfully for passage of the 19th Amendment. In her work for suffrage, she pioneered methods and techniques that were to become standard tools for later successful social movements. She was one of the first graduates of the New York School of Applied Philanthropy and spent her early career working in both settlement houses and Charity Organization Societies; however, Paul has been conspicuously… 
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Book review: Martin Pugh, The March of the Women: A Revisionist Analysis of the Campaign for Women's Suffrage, 1866–1914 / Patricia Greenwood, Connecting Links: The British and American Suffrage Movements, 1900–1914
Reviews of Martin Pugh monograph 'The March of the Women: A Revisionist Analysis of the Campaign for Women's Suffrage, 1866–1914' and Patricia Greenwood's 'Connecting Links: The British and American
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Woodrow Wilson, Alice Paul, and the Woman Suffrage Movement
Conversations with Alice Paul: Woman suffrage and the equal rights amendment: An interview conducted by Amelia Fry. Berkeley: Regional Oral History Office
  • 1976
Jailed for Freedom