Alibaba Pictures: An Illustration of Changing Business Cultures and Film Finance

  title={Alibaba Pictures: An Illustration of Changing Business Cultures and Film Finance},
  author={Patrice Poujol},
  journal={Online Film Production in China Using Blockchain and Smart Contracts},
  • P. Poujol
  • Published 2019
  • Business
  • Online Film Production in China Using Blockchain and Smart Contracts
This chapter stands as a transition between the Chinese political-economic and media macro-contexts and the micro-contexts of film production and creative talents. Through the lens of Alibaba Pictures and following Peterson’s framework, I analyse the organisational process and the change in business cultures within the Chinese corporate media world. I argue that this change directly affects the development and programming of content. In addition, Alibaba’s (and Tencent’s) recent embrace of… 



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