Algumas considerações com referência às formas de representação da Terra através de coordenadas UTM

  title={Algumas consideraç{\~o}es com refer{\^e}ncia {\`a}s formas de representaç{\~a}o da Terra atrav{\'e}s de coordenadas UTM},
  author={Elisabeth Becker and Edson Lu{\'i}s Piroli and Mario Luiz Trevisan and Roberto Cassol},
The elaboration of maps is such an old activity that made a mistakes with the humanity's own history. This shows the importance that the map allways had for the man. lt was objectified to present in summarized form some considerations concerning as form of representation of the curved surface of the Earth on a plan. This article made a larger detail of the Universal Transverse of Mercator - UTM projection. Projection this, recommended, in 1951, for the International Geodesic Association for use… CONTINUE READING