Algorithms on strings

  title={Algorithms on strings},
  author={Maxime Crochemore and Christophe Hancart and Thierry Lecroq},
Describing algorithms in a C-like language, this text presents examples related to the automatic processing of natural language, to the analysis of molecular sequences and to the management of textual databases. 

Relative Watson-Crick Primitivity of Words

Pattern matching and text compression algorithms: Detection of repetitions in a string Tandem repeats: Biological and medical significance strands

A note on a simple computation of the maximal suffix of a string

Fast frequent string mining using suffix arrays

We present a method to mine strings that are frequent in one database and infrequent in another. The method uses suffix- and lcp-arrays that can be computed extremely fast and space efficiently, and

Hunting Redundancies in Strings

The notion of redundancies in texts, regarded as sequences of symbols, appear under various concepts in the literature of Combinatorics on words and of Algorithms on strings: repetitions, repeats,

Combinatorial Algorithms for Subsequence Matching: A Survey

In this paper we provide an overview of a series of recent results regarding algorithms for searching for subsequences in words or for the analysis of the sets of subsequences occurring in a word.

A Novel Mathematical Model for Similarity Search in Pattern Matching Algorithms

  • P. Vinodprasad
  • Computer Science
    Journal of Computer and Communications
  • 2020
This paper presents a novel mathematical model to search for a given pattern and it’s near approximates in the text, and shows how this model can be used to solve string matching problems.

Longest Common Extensions in Trees

The longest common extension (LCE) of two indices in a string is the length of the longest identical substrings starting at these two indices. The LCE problem asks to preprocess a string into a

Forty Years of Text Indexing

This paper reviews the first 40 years in the life of textual inverted indexes, their many incarnations, and their applications to pay tribute to a ubiquitous tool of string matching — the suffix tree and its variants.

Efficient Computing of Longest Previous Reverse Factors

Two algorithms for computing the LPrF table of a string, one from its Suffix Tree and the second from itssuffix Automaton respectively, run in linear time on a fixed size alphabet.