Algorithms for essential surfaces in 3-manifolds

  title={Algorithms for essential surfaces in 3-manifolds},
  author={W. Jaco and D. Letscher and J. Rubinstein},
In this paper we outline several algorithms to find essential surfaces in 3dimensional manifolds. In particular, the classical decomposition theorems of 3-manifolds ( Kneser-Milnor connected sum decomposition and the JSJ decomposition) are defined by splitting along families of disjoint essential spheres and tori. We give algorithms to find such surfaces, using normal and almost normal surface theory and the technique of crushing triangulations. These algorithms have running time O(p(t)3… Expand
Simplification paths in the Pachner graphs of closed orientable 3-manifold triangulations
Experimental work suggests that for an exhaustive census of 81,800,394 one-vertex triangulations that span 1,901 distinct closed orientable 3-manifolds, the authors never need to add more than two extra tetrahedra, and the average number of Pachner moves decreases as the number of tetRAhedra grows. Expand
The pachner graph and the simplification of 3-sphere triangulations
Experimental work is presented suggesting that for 3-sphere triangulations the reality is far different: the authors never need to add more than two tetrahedra, and they never need more than a handful of local modifications. Expand
0-Efficient Triangulations of 3-Manifolds
efficient triangulations of 3-manifolds are defined and studied. It is shown that any triangulation of a closed, orientable, irreducible 3-manifold M can be modified to a 0-efficient triangulationExpand
Algorithmic homeomorphism of 3-manifolds as a corollary of geometrization
In this paper we prove two results, one semi-historical and the other new. The semi-historical result, which goes back to Thurston and Riley, is that the geometrization theorem implies that there isExpand
An Algorithm to Recognise Small Seifert Fiber Spaces
The homeomorphism problem is, given two compact n-manifolds, is there an algorithm to decide if the manifolds are homeomorphic or not. The homeomorphism problem has been solved for many importantExpand
Minimal Triangulations of Reducible 3-Manifolds
Author(s): Barchechat, Alexander | Abstract: In this thesis, we use normal surface theory to understand certain properties of minimal triangulations of compact orientable 3-manifolds. We describe theExpand
Fixed Parameter Tractable Algorithms in Combinatorial Topology
A new algorithm is given to determine whether a given face pairing graph supports any 3-manifold triangulation, and is extended to a "meta-theorem" by defining a broad class of properties of triangulations, each with a corresponding fixed parameter tractable existence algorithm. Expand
Tracing compressed curves in triangulated surfaces
The abstract tracing strategy is applied to two different classes of normal curves: abstract curves represented by normal coordinates, which record the number of intersections with each edge of the surface triangulation, and simple geodesics, represented by a starting point and direction in the local coordinate system of some triangle. Expand
Quadrilateral–Octagon Coordinates for Almost Normal Surfaces
Joint coordinates is introduced, a system with only 3n dimensions for octagonal almost normal surfaces that has appealing geometric properties and can be used exclusively in the streamlined 3-sphere recognition algorithm of Jaco, Rubinstein, and Thompson, reducing experimental running times by factors of thousands. Expand
JSJ-decompositions of knot and link complements in the 3-sphere
This paper is a survey of some of the most elementary consequences of the JSJ-decomposition and geometrization for knot and link complements in the 3-sphere. Formulated in the language of graphs, theExpand


0-Efficient Triangulations of 3-Manifolds
efficient triangulations of 3-manifolds are defined and studied. It is shown that any triangulation of a closed, orientable, irreducible 3-manifold M can be modified to a 0-efficient triangulationExpand
Localising Dehn's lemma and the loop theorem in 3-manifolds
We give a new proof of Dehn's lemma and the loop theorem. This is a fundamental tool in the topology of 3-manifolds. Dehn's lemma was originally formulated by Dehn, where an incorrect proof wasExpand
We describe an approach to normal surface theory for triangulated 3-manifolds which uses only the quadrilateral disk types (Q-disks) to represent a nontrivial normal surface. Just as with regularExpand
Lectures on three-manifold topology
Loop theorem-sphere theorem: The Tower Construction Connected sums 2-manifolds embedded in 3-manifolds Hierarchies Three-manifold groups Seifert fibered manifolds Peripheral structure EssentialExpand
The Classification of Knots and 3-Dimensional Spaces
Über das Homöomorphieproblem der 3-Mannigfaltigkeiten. I
For the generation of inverse time characteristics for time-lag type over-current relays or the like, by approximation of the time function by means of individual, linear parts into a time functionExpand
Theorie der Normalflächen
Thin position and the recognition algorithm for the 3-sphere
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Algorithms for the complete decomposition of a closed $3$-manifold
An algorithm to recognise Seifert fibred spaces
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