Algorithms for designing wavelets to match a specified signal


Algorithms for designing a mother wavelet ( ) such that it matches a signal of interest and such that the family of wavelets 2 ( 2) (2 ) forms an orthonormal Riesz basis of ( ) are developed. The algorithms are based on a closed form solution for finding the scaling function spectrum from the wavelet spectrum. Many applications of signal representation, adaptive coding and pattern recognition require wavelets that are matched to a signal of interest. Most current design techniques, however, do not design the wavelet directly. They either build a composite wavelet from a library of previously designed wavelets, modify the bases in an existing multiresolution analysis or design a scaling function that generates a multiresolution analysis with some desired properties. In this paper, two sets of equations are developed that allow us to design the wavelet directly from the signal of interest. Both sets impose bandlimitedness, resulting in closed form solutions. The first set derives expressions for continuous matched wavelet spectrum amplitudes. The second set of equations provides a direct discrete algorithm for calculating close approximations to the optimal complex wavelet spectrum. The discrete solution for the matched wavelet spectrum amplitude is identical to that of the continuous solution at the sampled frequencies. An interesting byproduct of this work is the result that Meyer’s spectrum amplitude construction for an orthonormal bandlimited wavelet is not only sufficient but necessary. Specific examples are given which demonstrate the performance of the wavelet matching algorithms for both known orthonormal wavelets and arbitrary signals.

DOI: 10.1109/78.887001

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