Algorithms for acoustic localization based on microphone array in service robotics


This paper deals with the development of acoustic source localization algorithms for service robots working in real conditions. One of the main utilizations of these algorithms in a mobile robot is that the robot can localize a human operator and eventually interact with him/herself by means of verbal commands. The location of a speaking operator is detected with a microphone array based algorithm; localization information is passed to a navigation module which sets up a navigation mission using knowledge of the environment map. In fact, the system we have developed aims at integrating acoustic, odometric and collision sensors with the mobile robot control architecture. Good performance with real acoustic data have been obtained using neural network approach with spectral subtraction and a noise robust voice activity detector. The experiments show that the average absolute localization error is about 40 cm at 0 dB and about 10 cm at 10 dB of SNR for the named localization. Experimental results describing mobile robot performance in a talker following task are reported.

DOI: 10.1016/S0921-8890(02)00325-1

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@article{Mumolo2003AlgorithmsFA, title={Algorithms for acoustic localization based on microphone array in service robotics}, author={Enzo Mumolo and Massimiliano Nolich and Gianni Vercelli}, journal={Robotics and Autonomous Systems}, year={2003}, volume={42}, pages={69-88} }