Algorithms for Tolerated Tverberg Partitions


Let P be a d-dimensional n-point set. A partition T of P is called a Tverberg partition if the convex hulls of all sets in T intersect in at least one point. We say T is t-tolerated if it remains a Tverberg partition after deleting any t points from P . Soberón and Strausz proved that there is always a t-tolerated Tverberg partition with dn/(d + 1)(t + 1)e sets. However, so far no nontrivial algorithms for computing or approximating such partitions have been presented. For d ≤ 2, we show that the Soberón-Strausz bound can be improved, and we show how the corresponding partitions can be found in polynomial time. For d ≥ 3, we give the rst polynomial-time approximation algorithm by presenting a reduction to the (untolerated) Tverberg problem. Finally, we show that it is coNP-complete to determine whether a given Tverberg partition is t-tolerated.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-45030-3_28

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