Algorithms for Drawing Graphs: an Annotated Bibliography

  title={Algorithms for Drawing Graphs: an Annotated Bibliography},
  author={Giuseppe Di Battista and Peter Eades and Roberto Tamassia and Ioannis G. Tollis},
  journal={Comput. Geom.},
Constraints in Graph Drawing Algorithms
Algorithmic techniques for graph drawing that support the expression and satisfaction of user-defined constraints are surveyed.
Chapter 21 – Graph Drawing*
Cluster busting in anchored graph drawing
The problem of visualizing distributed systems as an area in which graph layout algorithms are often required is identified and four algorithms for solving these problems are presented.
Encoding Presentation Emphasis Algorithms for Graphs
A high-level language is outlined that is used to select subsets of graph elements; compute a real-valued priority for each element; and encode presentation strategies that automatically emphasize elements based on subset membership and priority.
Advances in the Theory and Practice of Graph Drawing
Advances in Graph Drawing
This paper surveys recent results of the authors on graph drawing and overviews various research trends in the area.
Graph drawing
A broad overview of graph drawing algorithms from a computational geometry perspective is overviewed.
Drawing Decorated Graphs
This paper discusses some well-known graph drawing algorithms and pinpoint problems arising from their generalization to decorated graphs and introduces a 3G approach to draw multi-featured diagrams.
FADE A Layout Facility for Graph based Diagrams
A framework for constrained layout problems encompassing geometrical and graph based algorithms especially dedicated to the generation of diagrams is introduced and FADE is a user parametrizable frame work for thegeneration of EXPRESS G diagrams.
A programming project: trimming the spring algorithm for drawing hypergraphs
A practical method for drawing hypergraphs is introduced, based on the spring algorithm, a well-known method for Drawing normal graphs.


Automatic graph drawing and readability of diagrams
The algorithm presented draws graphs on a grid and is suitable for both undirected graphs and mixed graphs that contain as subgraphs hierarchic structures.
On the Automated Drawing of Graphs
This paper considers the procedure for the automatic drawing of trees, and graphs displaying symmetry properties, based on a computer system for the adrawing of graphs.
Automatic layout of large directed graphs
This dissertation studies algorithms that automatically produce aesthetically pleasing drawings of relational information using vertex and edge graphs, useful for building user-interfaces for tools that create and manipulate relational information, such as PERT chart editors.
How to draw a directed graph
  • P. Eades, Xuemin Lin
  • Computer Science
    [Proceedings] 1989 IEEE Workshop on Visual Languages
  • 1989
The paper defines three aesthetic criteria for drawings of directed graphs, and discusses a general method for obtaining drawings according to these criteria.
Knowledge-based Editors for Directed Graphs
Research in knowledge-based editors for the direct, visual manipulation of directed graphs produces an aesthetically pleasing layout of the graph automatically, freeing the user from cut-and-paste work after changes.
DAG—a program that draws directed graphs
  • K. Vo
  • Computer Science
    Softw. Pract. Exp.
  • 1988
DAG is a program that draws directed graphs by reading a list of noeds and edges, computing a layout and then writing a PIC or PostScript description of a picture, which works best on directed acyclic graphs.
A layout algorithm for data flow diagrams
A layout algorithm is presented that allows the automatic drawing of data flow diagrams, a diagrammatic representation widely used in the functional analysis of information systems. A grid standard
A browser for directed graphs
A general‐purpose browser for directed graphs is described. The browser provides operations to examine and edit graphs and to generate a layout for a graph automatically that minimizes edge